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 Spindle Control With 6040

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PostSubject: Spindle Control With 6040   Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:14 am

I just bought a 6040 on ebay. It seems like a solid bit of kit. This has an 800w spindle controlled by a Huan Yang HY Series Inverter and a CNC DIY blue box similar to the one shown on the forum group that I am asking advice from.

I have hooked it up to Mach3. X, Y, Z working perfectly. However there is no spindle control. The blue box does NOT have a spindle connection (just X, Y, Z, limits and coolant pump connectors.

Being an electronics engineer I took the top off the blue box. The parallel feed from the PC is received by a 5 axis controller card:

Although the supplied blue box has no option for attaching a digital probe, that interface card has a tool connection on the left side alongside the limit switches - I tried it and now have a digital probe input working fine with Mach3. So I have already increased the usefulness of this blue box.

I note this interface also has a 10v spindle speed output connector on the right side. As a VFD is new to me I'm wondering whether I can connect that output to the HY controller to provide me with spindle control. Is anyone able to advise on this please?

I contacted the supplier about this and they responded to advise that there is no spindle control with their controller - even though I suspect there might be if I wire up the interface card.
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Spindle Control With 6040
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