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 Swapping X & Y Axes

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Swapping X & Y Axes Empty
PostSubject: Swapping X & Y Axes   Swapping X & Y Axes Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2014 10:23 am

Maybe I'm going a bit daft. Comments on the following welcome.

I have my 6040 CNC mill set up as standard, where the X axis is on the shorter side and the Y axis on the longer side.

Now it strikes me that as I access the machine from the side (and not the end), it would be more sensible to have the X axis running left to right and the Y axis up and down. If I laid a sheet of graph paper in front of me that's the way the data would be arranged.

It seems to me that this can very easily be accomplished by swapping the X and Y stepper feeds. And the appropriate settings for limit switches can be switched within Mach3.

Does this seem realistic?
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Swapping X & Y Axes
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