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 PCB Routing 1

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PostSubject: PCB Routing 1   PCB Routing 1 Icon_minitimeThu Jun 17, 2010 10:08 pm

Step1: Place a acrylic plate and fixed it on the working table with bolts
PCB Routing 1 4710382367_1c17490765

Step2: Paste a color PVC advertising sticker on the acrylic plate
PCB Routing 1 4711047392_8260e1420c

PCB Routing 1 4710416277_8911d5fd8f

Step 3: Open the package of a new PCB
PCB Routing 1 4723371570_09e0c5066a

Step 4: Paste a color PVC advertising sticker on the back of the PCB
PCB Routing 1 4722736143_a02c71e5c1

Step 5: Paste double-sided adhesive tape on the
sticker's surface which is pasted on the back side of the PCB.
PCB Routing 1 4722762829_0a3f1b6860
PCB Routing 1 4723439426_4714b3852e.

Step 6: Paste the PCB on the surface of the color PVC advertising sticker which is pasted on the acrylic plate.

Place a soft and smooth handkerchief or tissue on the PCB surface and use a hand to impact the
handkerchief or tissue and make sure that the PCB is placed on the acrylic plate closely.
PCB Routing 1 4722859255_1a3daa4b67

Step 7: Set the original point, which must refer to your Mach 3 setting. Please adjust the routing depth carefully!
PCB Routing 1 4723517676_cceacdd299

Step 8: Start Processing
PCB Routing 1 4546271642_9a59005c73

Step 9: Finish routing
PCB Routing 1 4723540240_89bcedcf05

Step 10: Remove the color PVC advertising sticker
PCB Routing 1 4722895403_e41c3f3f37

PCB Routing 1 4546264892_1b6d3b9f0f
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PCB Routing 1
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