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 FreePCB+CopperCam to produce G code

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PostSubject: FreePCB+CopperCam to produce G code   Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:33 am

This is an example to show a process of generating some G code files with using FreePCB and CopperCAM. The FreePCB is used to design the PCB layout and create the Gerber files. The CopperCAM can be used to produce G code files such as hole drilling file, circuit engraving , and cutting of printed-circuit

Part A - FreePCB

1. Open the FreePCB

2. Open a sample file of motor.fpc which is store in C:\Program Files\FreePCB\projects\Tutorial

3. The file is open as below:

4. Click File>>Generate CAM files...

5. Select the Drill file, the Gerber - top copper and the Gerber - bottom copper.
Enter the location of the Output folder you want! And that check the Create Files!
(The files had be save at C:\Documents and Settings\CAM)

6. Select OK to create a new folder for saving the files.

7. The CAM files have been created!

Part B- CopperCAM

1.Open the CopperCAM. And then, Select Open >> New circuit...

2.Find the "bottom_copper.grb" file under C:\Documents and Settings\CAM

3. Select Open >> Drills to find the "drill_file.drl" under C:\Documents and Settings\CAM

4. Press "Yes" to confirm. You can seem that the drill holes are not matched with the circuit layout.

5. Select Display >> Layer #5(drill).

6. Use the "Rotation" and the "Mirror" functions to change the orientation of the drill holes.

7.Check Display >> Layer #1 and then select the Reference Pad Icon

8. Select a Reference Pad first! (Don' t select any shapes!)

9. Select Layer #5 (drills) again.

After that, select the corresponding drill hole and right click the mouse, choose " adjust to reference pad"

10. Then, the drill holes will move to the corresponding position. Use the Rotation feature to rotation the design.

11. Select a board boundary line and right click, then, select "Cut all indentical tracks"

Select "Outside contour" and select OK to exit.

12. Check the "Calculate contours" button.

Select "OK" to exit.

13. Select the icon of "Final rendering"

The appearance of the final product can be stimulated!

14. Check "Mill" button.

Select Drilling[single tool] in the Section#1 first and select OK.

The G code file of hole drilling part have been created. Please save it!

Finally, repeat the step 14 to generate and save the "Engraving layer" part and "Cutting out" part.

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FreePCB+CopperCam to produce G code
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