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 Missing "Limit/In" port on 6040 controller box

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PostSubject: Missing "Limit/In" port on 6040 controller box    Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:49 pm

Hi cncdiy,

Please refer to your photo at In this photo, there's a "Limit/In" port. My 6040 controller box is missing this port. I've attached photos of my controller box to show this. I like to connect limit switches to my controller. I can see a 9 pin header on the controller PCB. Is this for limit/home switches input? What is the pin out details of this header? Thanks.

ps: I've emailed this post and hope to get a response.

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PostSubject: Re: Missing "Limit/In" port on 6040 controller box    Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:37 pm

The controller you have is slightly different to the one I got but here are the pinouts as traced back through the line buffers to the parallel port for mine:

Pin YOOCNC Description 3 axis Description Direction Active Low DB9 Signals 2x5 IDC
1 B Axis Step Out
2 X Axis Step X Axis Step Out Yes?
3 X Axis Direction X Axis Direction Out Yes?
4 Y Axis Step Y Axis Step Out Yes
5 Y Axis Direction Y Axis Direction Out Yes?
6 Z Axis Step Z Axis Step Out Yes
7 Z Axis Direction Z Axis Direction Out Yes?
8 A Axis Step A Axis Step Out Yes?
9 A Axis Direction A Axis Direction Out Yes?
10 Estop In Yes 7 8
11 X +/- Limit switch In Yes 3 6
12 Y +/- Limit switch In Yes 8 4
13 Z +/i Limit switch In Yes 4 2
14 B Axis Step B Axis Direction Out 2 NC
15 Tool Limit? In Yes 9 10 Not buffered
16 Enable 5 (Amplifier Enable?) - B Axis Direction RLY Out No 5 5v
17 Enable 4 - Stepper enable EN Out No 1,6 GND 1,3,5,7,9 GND
18-25 GND

If the formatting is all screwed up you should be able to just copy/paste it into excel.. otherwise let me know and I'll email you the original excel file.


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Missing "Limit/In" port on 6040 controller box
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