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 Aluminium bracket

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PostSubject: Aluminium bracket   Aluminium bracket Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2011 6:41 am

Hi Folks,

I've just finished machining my first aluminium piece. It's a bracket designed to allow a piece to be mounted onto the table but only need to have the X & Y calibrated once. By calibrated to one point, one side can be machined then flipped and placed in the opposite side which has a known offset. I'm yet to see if the bracket works like I think it should. More to come!

Aluminium bracket Img_2011

The slot left here helps to line up the clamp to the table to keep the part to be machined aligned in the same orientation for the X&Y as the machine.

Aluminium bracket Img_2010

There is still one part of the bracket that I still need to do which is to add some tapped hole for mounting the hold down clamps to but I'll do them next weekend.

I made the facing parts of the bracket using a 4 flute 6mm end mill at 400mm/min stepping down 0.5mm at a time. I then drilled the holes using the same mill bit and originally tried cutting down at 80mm/min but found that the motor stalled and pushed the bit up in the collet. After that I just cut them moving the cutter manually (about 20mm/min). The two L bits were then cut out using a 3.175mm 2 flute end mill at 400mm/min stepping down 0.5mm at a time. The finish wasn't really as good as a found have liked.. If I was to do it again I would just use the 6mm end mill for all of it. The reason I used the 3.175 was so that the corner was cut smaller but the bit deflected more that I would have liked. Maybe getting a better quality bit would have solved it? Anyway, more things to try next time!


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Aluminium bracket
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