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 History of the last 12 month

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History of the last 12 month Empty
PostSubject: History of the last 12 month   History of the last 12 month Icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2012 10:06 am

Dear Mr.,

I have some problem with the CNC2520 engraver, what I have bought from you at about 1 year ago.

History of the last 12 month:

After one month, the Y line direction wasn’t functioned. Because of I’m a technician, I repaired it, I had to change the 74ACT04 IC. Then the nest month the X line direction wasn’t functioned. The optocoupler – which is on the access – had been wrong.
In the next month the engraver stopped, I had to change the carbon-brush – in that time there were only 5 working hours into the machine. It was very suspicious, and the voice of the engine wasn’t too good. After some month the engine began to slow down during the biting (working). Then the Y line movement began to miss. and the engine sparkled a lot. I took apart the engine – in this time there were only 15 work hours in it – and I was surprised, because of the collector and the bearing were been fray (wear away). I took it into a service where they repaired it. This engine wasn’t new in that time, when you and your company assembled into your factory.
After at about one workhour, the Z line movement wasn’t functioned. I measured out the cable of the stepper motor and one reache was bursted. I took apart the cable and I saw that how wrong was the qualification of cable. That’s why I changed the whole cable.
Because you want to compensate me?

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History of the last 12 month
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