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 Mach3 USB - Parallel Card - Probing Issue

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Mach3 USB - Parallel Card - Probing Issue Empty
PostSubject: Mach3 USB - Parallel Card - Probing Issue   Mach3 USB - Parallel Card - Probing Issue Icon_minitimeFri Sep 06, 2013 12:28 am

An issue with  the Mach3 USB - Parallel Card.
I have copied the UsbMove.dll into the plugin directory and all was working perfectly until I used my probe to digitize a point cloud with Mach3.

I use the Mach3 Digitize Wizard and have the probe connected to input 15 and configured properly
(Probe-Enabled , Port# 1, pin # 15, Active Low - enabled)
The digitizing code runs perfectly and the probe generates a stop (for G31 command) but the data is not being written to the designated txt file I specify in the beginning of the code (M40 command).

I tried to run the probe with the center finding routine (blue screen) and it worked perfectly fine.
I also run the digitizing cone from another computer with different OS and had the same issue with the empty file.

Scott from Mach support believes the issue is with the card or card's driver plugIn FOR mACH3 (UsbMove.dll ver2.0.1.9 by Xulifeng).

Probe digitizing is crucial for my operation and I was hoping any advice.
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Mach3 USB - Parallel Card - Probing Issue
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